For all your burning Roast Me questions.

How do I play Roast Me?

The game is simple! Check it out here.

How many players can play Roast Me at one time?

We recommend 4-7 players for the best experience. The largest game we've seen is 14, and smallest game we've seen is 3.

How long is a game of Roast Me?

However long you want to play for! The game moves quicker playing with just roasts vs playing with challenge cards.

Is Roast Me family friendly?

Depends what type of family we're talking about! If you're 17+ and won't take roasts personally, we'd recommend for sure!

Is Roast Me a drinking game?

We've seen people make drinking games out of worse things.

How much does Roast Me cost?

$25, but if you reserve a copy before we launch on Kickstarter, there's a limited time discount.

Where can I buy Roast Me?

Check out to reserve your copy.

Is Roast Me available on Amazon?

Kickstarter first! Check out our homepage and follow us on social for updates and Amazon lauch annoucements.

Will you make an expansion pack?

If you all want one! Send us a message at if you have one in mind.

How do I create a card to be featured in Roast Me?

Check out our Create a Card page, fill out the form, and submit!

How do I know if my card was picked for the next Roast Me game?

We'll shoot you an email!

What are the odds my card makes it in the game?

Ato, Ben & Chris make the final decision--whatever makes us laugh out loud will 100% make it in the game. Good luck!

Do you have an international version of Roast Me?

Not yet! If you want us to make a version for your country or in another language, send us a message at

What's your handle on social media?


What does it mean to join the Roast Me community?

Community members get a weekly newsletter with our take on comedy, early access to event sign-ups, merch, and giveaways, and user-requested content.

How do I join the Roast Me community?

Type in your email at the bottom of any Roast Me web page, and press submit!

Are you affiliated with Comedy Central roasts?

No, but feel free to DM us for inquiries...

Are you affiliated with the r/RoastMe subreddit?

Nope, but check out our Create a Card page if you're feeling cruel.

Can you Roast Me?

Tag us on social and maybe we will ;)

Where can I grab some merch?

Stay tuned...we're working on it! Shirts, hoodies, fannypacks, laptop stickers, you name it.

Can I pay with Venmo?

Yes! Make sure you've enabled web payments in the Venmo app under "Purchases", and you should see the Venmo button on the payments page.

Help, my discount code isn't working!

Shoot us a message at and we'll fix it ASAP!!

Why are there taxes charged on my order?

Each state determines their own taxes, which are automatically applied during checkout. Taxes such as County Tax, State Tax, City/Municipal Tax, and Special Tax are specific to your shipping address, and imposed by state and local governments. We have no control over these taxes.

How do I cancel or modify my order?

Order cancellations and modifications can be initiated through email at within 15 minutes of your order being placed.

What is your refund policy?

If you're not satisfied with your game, shoot us an email at and we'll refund your purchase!

How quickly do you ship?

Most orders are 2-day shipping once your order has been processed.

Do you ship outside the US?

Right now we only ship in the US, but if you email us enough, that can change!

Still have questions? Email us at