"I only Roast the ones I love."  - Jeff Ross


“We want this game to bring people together and remind everyone that it's alright to laugh at each other, and that it's good to laugh at ourselves as often as possible.''
- Co-Founder Chris Mueller
"This is only their first product, and we expect to see much more of the Roast Me team over the years.''
- UConn Professor David Noble
“None of us knew we wanted to be entrepreneurs when we came to UConn."
- Co-Founder Ben Morneault



Bored in the House This August?

We could all use a good laugh, and this month's founder feature is helping us to do just that! Check out what Ato Eyiah, Co-Founder of Roast Me, had to say about SYOB activating his business potential. Their Stories. Your Successes. Brought to you by Start Your Own Business, an Entrepreneur product powered by Gro.

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TrepCon 2020: Be Flexible and Learn from Failure

At TrepCon, attendees were able to attend breakout sessions to hone skills ranging from starting a nonprofit to starting a podcast. Guests also mingled with local entrepreneurs who showcased their own new products, including Silvr, a portable flatware that is meant to cut down on plastic utensils, and Roast Me, a party game meant for ribbing your social circle.

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UConn Alums Want You to 'Roast' Them

Three recent UConn alumni are on the verge of releasing their first entrepreneurial venture, a unique card game called Roast Me. The game brings a twist to good-natured comedic gibes among friends, with a gameplay style similar to “adult” card games that have become popular in recent years.

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First 'Get Seeded' Event Awards $3k to New Ventures

The competition was created by the School of Business’ Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (CCEI) and was open to students across disciplines. In the two weeks since announcing the competition, CCEI received 15 applications and selected eight teams to pitch.

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